At Made You Hungry, we believe everyone deserves the highest and healthiest quality of food, which is why we bring it right to your door.

The idea sparked over a home-cooked meal in a South Florida kitchen, as out-of-town friends praised the wild-caught Florida pink shrimp on the plates in front of them. They were impressed—not only by how exceptional the seafood dish tasted, but also by how great they felt after eating it.

As Floridians, this was nothing new to us. Florida is home to some of the freshest seafood in the United States, and by fresh we mean right off a fisherman’s boat and onto a plate. We knew there was a huge demand for this kind of quality seafood across the country, so we decided we would help people get it.

The idea was simple: deliver the best seafood and meat products to people’s doorsteps. The process however, wasn’t as cut and dry. We were determined to make sure each of our products were sourced from a place that upheld our values.

We spent months visiting different farms and fisheries to find the right partners; partners that have healthy, sustainable and humane practices and are transparent about their processes from beginning to end. We also made sure to do our part. We implemented a high-tech flash freezing process to retain quality throughout transit and found biodegradable packaging material that turns to soil after one year.

With the right fisheries, farms and process in line, Made You Hungry was born. We now offer people a convenient way to get top-quality meats and seafood delivered straight to their doors. Ultimately, our mission is to make you “hungry” for food transparency so you can eat, share and experience food the way it should be.