As a firm believer in food transparency, Made You Hungry wants you to know the story behind your food. We work with farms and fisheries that use healthy, sustainable and humane practices to bring you the best products out there.


We work with carefully selected farms to ensure your beef is sourced with practices that adhere to our values. All of our farms value the quality of life for the animal as well as producing a healthy and nutritious end product.

Our grass-fed beef comes from a family ranch in Fort McCoy, Florida, where cattle are born, raised and harvested with respect and dignity. Animals are free to roam year-round on open pasture and fed all-natural vegetarian diets with no antibiotics, added growth hormones, GMOs or animal byproducts. The ranch also has a processing facility with strict food and safety protocols, USDA-inspectors on site and a highly trained and knowledgeable staff.

The rest of our beef comes from two small farms in the Northwest that operate under one family-owned company with over 50 years of farm-to-table experience. We chose to work with farms in the Northwest because of its mild climate, open spaces and abundance of natural resources, which all provide ideal conditions for cattle health and comfort.

The family-owned company makes it a point to be involved throughout ranching, cattle feeding, animal nutrition and beef processing. This comprehensive ranch-to-table approach means quality is monitored during every step of the beef lifecycle, resulting in the finest quality end product.


We are committed to providing you with fresh and healthy seafood, which is why we work with a family-run company that imports, processes and distributes wild and sustainable seafood products from all around the world, with the majority caught right in Florida.

Each day, a fleet of fisherman harvest everything from wild-caught Florida Pink Shrimp to True American Red Snapper and deliver it to a state-of-the-art processing facility. There, expert fish cutters process thousands of fish on a daily basis.

Their process involves an ozonated water system, which introduces an extra oxygen molecule to turn water into H2O2. This means as seafood is washed down, bacteria is safely destroyed on contact, resulting in a clean and healthy product.

All of our seafood is prepared with zero preservatives or additives. Instead, it is frozen in a liquid nitrogen freeze tunnel that gives it a protective, natural ice glaze. This preserves taste and texture throughout the entire delivery process and even after your product has been defrosted.