Josh, Co-Founder / Marketing Expert

As a college student at Florida State University, Josh discovered his passion for food while freelance marketing for restaurants across town. He became highly involved in the college community during this time, providing discounted food to students and facilitating restaurant events and fundraisers for several philanthropic causes. He saw first-hand how powerful of a role food can play in bringing people together.

Joey, Co-Founder / Home Chef

Joey embarked on his own food journey in college when he took an interest in cooking. Spending more time in the kitchen, he began to pay attention to the food products he was purchasing; what was in them, where they came from and how they were prepared. He realized how common it is for meats to be loaded with hormones and preservatives, so he switched to sourcing his food locally from farmers markets and co-op grocery stores. He was blown away by how this switch affected his well-being both physically and mentally.

Mike, Partner / Fish Monger

Mike and his family run a wholesale seafood distributing business that specializes in processing fresh seafood items. Growing up, Mike worked for the family business during his summers and learned the ins and outs of catching and preparing fresh fish. After graduating college, he joined the family business as a full-time employee and is now Managing Director. With over two decades of hands-on experience and expertise, Mike is known to friends and family as a true local fishmonger.